Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Forgetful Fabrication

I'll just go ahead and be honest here, I never go anywhere without first forgetting something.

This applies to pretty much everything I do, from going down the street to the grocery store, to heading out on a weekend trip or vacation. You name it, I've forgotten it. Keys, phone, wallet, driver's licsense, shopping list, underwear, pajamas, toothbrush. Basically, if its important, or ultimately integral, to the trip or task at hand, its not going to make it out the front door with me.

My darling children seemed to have inherited this same trait. Except in their case it applies more to the difficult chore of having to remember to bring along their favorite toy or most beloved stuffed animal (because they certainly can't count on me to remember it).

So this past weekend, when we embarked on a trip to Arkansas for a family reunion, we unintentionally (but habitually?) left behind Hayden's favorite nighttime buddy, Shiny Deer (not to be confused with his older and more worn counterpart, just plain Deer). As I've said, we're used to this, it obviously happens all the time, so my method of choice for easing the pain is one that has proved to be tried and true around here.

I simply concoct an elaborate narrative about how Shiny Deer must be having the time of his life all alone in the house with all the other toys. Things like, you know, they're probably having a huge party, and I'm sure there's dancing and signing and all sorts of stuff going on, and he's definitely driving your remote control monster truck all over the house. I mean, it worked for Pixar, why wouldn't it work for me? By the time I barely even get halfway through my little yarn, the boys are usually adding their own crazy scenarios, and before we know it, we're all giggling and we've all but forgotten uh, what we forgot.

So yes, maybe I'm stretching the truth, and maybe I'm leading my kids down a long and winding road of disillusionment (paved by Santa and the Easter Bunny). Will they spend years in therapy thanks to my chronic forgetfulness and quirky ways of covering it up? I don't know.

But what I do know, is that when we returned home on monday afternoon, THIS is how I found the playroom:

Shiny Deer definitely had a house party.

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