Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its About Time.

Last night I had the great privilege of FINALLY meeting my (sort-of former) partner-in-crime from Music City Moms, Tori!

We've been blogging side by side for over a year, and you know, now that our blogs are being phased out, we thought - Heck. its about time we hung out.

And hung out we did! We ate awesome food, drank tasty drinks, and talked until we couldn't anymore. Or more like we talked until they closed the restaurant and made us leave. But whatever. They couldn't stop us. We showed them by continuing our conversation in the parking lot! Ha! Take that!

If you're not already reading her blog, I suggest you start now. If not for her amazing insights and hilarious stories, then at least for the awesome pictures she posts of her and Russ from days gone by (not to mention she has the most extraordinary little fan club of commenters) .

I think this marks the first time I've actually linked to someone else's blog on mine. Not only that, I actually broke bread in public with someone I knew only via my keyboard.

Whoa. Hello, blogosphere. I've officially entered your realm.


Babybloomr said...

I will close down any restaurant with you, any place, any time.

LOVED IT-- and seriously? Besides having so much fun talking to you, it was a pleasure to sit across the table because you are so, so pretty! Lindsay was right, ya Hot Mom, you!

OMG-- my first blogcrush!
(insert appropriate Springsteen song reference here)

emily the mom said...

OOOO. I'am all mushy inside.

Rosie, come out tonight!

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

it's so cool to meet people via the internet and then later call them friend, huh?