Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What? Its June Already?

Ah, it is here.


I remember a time when I would wait all year long for June to roll around. But these days, it just sneaks up on me, knocking me on the concrete while running to be the first in line for the diving board. I don't think there's a better way to describe this past week.

When I wasn't looking...

the carnies came to town.

When I wasn't paying attention,

the sandstorm came.

When I wasn't thinking,

the kitchen sink betrayed me (But I fixed it myself. Take that you nasty noodles!)

While I was driving,

Superman took flight.

While I was turning on the garden hose,

the mud was slung.

And just when I thought I was going to lose it,

everybody passed out.

I feel like the party's already started and everybody forgot to invite me. Where's my sunscreen? My beach towel is unraveling. My flip flops are still in storage (ha, that's a total lie, I wear those 11 of out 12 months of the year). My beach bag still has last year's sand in it.

Sigh. Somebody clean out the pool. Its my turn to jump in.

edited to add: Is it sneaking up on you too?


shea brock said...

yes...all to quickly....where did spring go

jfarls said...

We were just thinking, when did it become Africa outside???

Jenkensing said...

The superman is my favorite part!!!! LOLOLOL I hope we get to see a lot of eachother this summer! And, you said you have a pool..hmmmm..WE'RE COMING OVER EVERYDAY!

Tough Mama said...

I've been knowing about summer since like May. When school's out, the party is on dude.

Mandy said...

I thought the same thing last night. We were sitting on the porch, the kids were catching lightning bugs and I realized suddenly, "it's frakin' summer, yo." whew.