Friday, June 30, 2006


i'm downstairs.

my kids are usptairs, 'napping' trading this phrase back and forth:

"booty, booty, booty, look at my booty"


all my hard work training them to use 'bunditos" when discussing their bottoms has just vanished, like poop down the toilet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

the magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away.......


my children figured its time to ditch the cribs. i found cash standing on the book case getting all the "breakables (as they say, did i really use that word that much that they picked it up? god, i'm such a grandma.)" off the top and handing them down to hayden. a little tikes choo-choo mountain was propped against the drawers for use as a step, i assume. never mind that everything from the drawers, closet, or any storage spot in the room, was now carpeting the floor. i mean, is their room even carpeted? i can't remember, its been a week since i actually SAW the floor. and just so you know, it hurts like hell when you step on little plastic cows.

so standing there at the door, trying to decide whether to go get the camera or get cash down before he hurts himself, i thought - we really need a vacation, so thats where we'll be all this week starting tomorrow. laying on the beach in destin, probably eating sand, peeing in the pool, figthing over pool toys with 100 people asking 'are they twins? ", reminding me i have my hands full (duh i know, people) or calling them girls (hello we are wearing swim trunks, not bikinis you tards).....i will miss all of you dearly, and while i'm completely bummed about missing Apollo Up's cd release party and pre-party at the freys, i can't pass up a free trip to the beach.....

(by the way Apollo Up's Chariots of Fire is beyond awesome and rocking out to it live is where you should be on saturday, because thats where i'd be if i wasn't going to be living it up with britney spears and sean preston federline on the emerald coast)

so i'll call you when i get back because i'm sick of being out of town and we really need to hang out.

love, me