Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Post In Which I Dote on My Little Sisters

We spent Sunday cheering on my sisters as they ran their very first marathon, so this is for them.

To Catherine and Grace...

You are my baby sisters. You didn't come along until I was 4 and 7 years old. I'd been ruling the roost for quite some time until you showed up, but you happened to come along just in time to burst my bubble before it got a little too big (though I'll admit, I do sometimes still have a little trouble getting through doorways).

You are my little sisters. I've always loved you, even if you did listen in on (and comment on) all my phone calls with boys. I still love you, even if you do make fun of me every time I let the occasional southern expression slip (I know it!). And I'll always love you, even if you do tell my kids all the things I got grounded for in high school (no comment).

You are my younger sisters, always a little bit cuter, a little bit hipper, a little bit cooler than me.

But this weekend, this weekend I realized that you are also a couple of awesome women. Watching you take on that race was awe-inspiring. Riding around the city trying to keep up with you was exhilirating, to say the least, especially with Dad and Mom (aka Crazed Racoon & Sleeping Bear) at the wheel (lets just say we are lucky we didn't take out any runners by accident).
Seeing you cross the finish line was an incredible and emotional moment.

You can't even imagine how much fun we had witnessing the two of you accomplish something so tremendous and look so good doing it. Every time we happened upon you on the course you were all smiles. Sure, maybe it was because we are all screaming and clapping pig clappers and holding ridiculous signs while we chased after you,

but whatever - you truly looked as if you were actually enjoying running for hours on end.

I am so proud of you. You set your sights on something and you tackled it beautifully. In fact, you tackled it, knocked it out, dragged it away and left it in the dust. I know how good it feels to set out to accomplish something and actually do it, and do it well. My wish for you is that you can take this experience and let it bleed into the rest of your lives. Sure, you've always been able to accomplish whatever you put your minds to, but now you've really done it. And you know you can do it.

This is just the beginning. Soon this will be just one accomplishment at the bottom of a pile of many other amazing happenings.

I am blessed to have you as sisters. My children idolize and adore you (whether you are good at shooting free-throws or not....) and they are so fortunate to have you in their lives.

I love you, my little sissies! (And please don't hate me for posting your sweaty marathon pictures on the internet.)

Love, Ems


Jenni said...

Wow, they are awesome!

But what is the story behind the Flying Pig name?

emily the mom said...

Thanks!! I'm a proud sister.

And this answer is going to make me sound like a dork, but oh well, here goes...Cincinnati (where i grew up) was big in the pig (or pork) trade in the early days, often being referred to as 'Porkopolis'. In connection with that the flying pig became kind of an unofficial Cincy symbol, and its everywhere, on the bridges, on shirts, in the airport, in marathons, they even have various painted flying pigs all over the city (like Chicago's cows).

Learn something new everyday, right?

Jenkensing said...

That was so sweet..it almost made me cry..I wish I had sisters around my age. My little one's are 10 and 5. yippee!
You're a great writer by the way.

Anonymous said...

rock it out em's sistas