Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Dreaming. Or Coveting. Or Something.

I dropped my husband off at the airport today.

He's going to L.A. with these kids, because that's just he rolls, I guess.

So tonight, when I'm partying with 30 4 and 5 year olds who just celebrated their preschool graduation (Capri Sun Cocktail anyone?). He'll be partying with the band poolside, at the Hyatt on Sunset.

When I'm tucking my lonely self into bed tonight, he'll probably be checking in to the Chateau Marmont. Even though he told me he just found some random room on Craigslist.

While I'm stuck with all this Tennessee Rain, He gets California Sun. Be sure to lay off the Sun-In, babe.

While I'm stuck shopping at Old Navy tomorrow for the perfect family reunion/30th birthday attire (don't ask), he'll be scouring Kitson and Robertson Blvd. and Fred Segal. (Ok, so probably not, but it is rather amusing to picture him doing so).

While I'm driving around town listening to Motley Crue on my one working speaker, he'll probably be hanging out with them at The Rainbow. Because, I mean, I am so sure they still hang out there. Together. Well, I bet Nikki still does.

But what I'm really jealous of? While I'm stuck at Chic-fil-a, he'll be at In-N-Out. Mmmmmm. Can't somebody just ship me a burger and shake?

But for serious. Bon Voyage my dear. I know you'll knock their gnarly little socks off. Just bring me home some fries.


Jen Farley said...

What's wrong with Chick-fila? ;-) haha

shea brock said...

call me if you need backup

Jenkensing said...

I'm all over a burger and shake..ANYTIME! Let's get one soon WITHOUT Aaron! MWAHAHHA.. Oh wait. I still owe him a shake. LOL

hartley said...

I went shopping for you at beverly center. I saw a shirt on sale for $495. I mean, it was a simple, black, button up dress shirt.