Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The truth comes out, and then goes back in...

Its no secret that my children love Elvis.

What is a secret, at least to them, is that he is dead.

I struggle with the thought quite often - "Do I tell them the truth? When do I tell them the truth? Is there a truth?"

I myself thought we were related to the Beatles until I was at least 5, so I often worry if they will be devastated when they find out what I've been keeping from them for quite some time.

Still, I figure the opportunity to let the um, hound dog out the bag, will present itself when the time is right.

In fact, I thought just such an opportunity came along yesterday. It went a little something like this:

While discussing a trip to Arkansas over Memorial Day, me:
"Boys, do you want to go to Elvis's house on the way home from our trip?"

In unison: "Yes!!!!! Will Elvis be there?"

Me: "No"

Boys: "Why not?"

Me: "Because he doesn't live there anymore."

H: "Where does he live?"

Me, hesitating: "Well, he lives with God (um, I think...)"

H, laughing: "NAHHH!"

C:"He can't live with God, mommy, his car would fall out of the sky."

And there you have it. I have told them the truth and and they refused to believe me.
Great. We have officially moved from Elvis-lovers to Elvis freaks.


After writing this I discovered another hilarious post about misconstrued beliefs of kiddos, and their parents before them,
right over here. So how about you or your kids? What kinds of things have you gotten hilariously wrong?


hartley said...

elvis is totally in heaven. no doubt about it. somebody's gotta make those angels sing.

Jenkensing said...

THAT'S HILARIOUS!! His plane fell out of the sky too..becuase it's at his house. And why didn't he take that horrid body suit with him?