Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today Was a Good Hair Day

My children got a haircut today.

And for the first time, I didn't freak.

I didn't pass out.

I didn't hyperventilate.

I didn't throw a tantrum.

I didn't even place a voodoo curse over the stylist after I returned home.

Instead, I tipped her.

Can you imagine? Me?

The same mom who used to shed a tear with every strand of hair that fell to the floor? The same mom who would spend weeks researching haircuts, salons and stylists? The same mom who still cringes, just a little, whenever she hears the familiar click and whirr of the razor?

Yes, its true. It's really me. Be proud, dear reader[s]. I've turned a really big corner.

Or maybe rolled a really big roller? No. That's not even funny....

1 comment:

Jenkensing said...

You know...all of us have brought so many BOYS into the world..and I must say..they are all SO SO SO Handsome! Great Job Twinsy's!