Monday, April 21, 2008

Yet Another Installment... the hair diaries.

Yes, I'm a totally obsessed with my children's hair. I write about all the dang time, I think about it all the dang time.

Going to get their hair cut is very painful for me, no matter how often I take them. I avoided this for a long time by just cutting it myself. But well, that just doesn't uh, 'cut it' anymore.

My problem is that the thought of anybody else cutting their hair makes me cringe. Amusing, since the boys probably looked a lot worse thanks to my 'nimble' hands as opposed to any random hairdresser I might choose.

When I finally found a hairdresser I trusted - the salon closed. I then tried out one of those kids-only franchises - which ended up making feel like I paid more for the annoying singing brush than I did for the haircut.

The truth is, I could labor over this decision forever, and I did. An you know what? Their hair just kept getting longer. They knew it too. Cash even asked for a haircut, and Hayden, he's had more temper tantrums lately about uncontrollable hair static than he's had about toys.

Finally today I decided to suck it up and give the local walk-in a try. After all, I could hardly resist the five minute ride down the street (in comparison to the 45 minute drive we used to take).

There were a bunch of kids there when we arrived and I have to admit that put me at ease a little. We signed in and the boys were called up one by one - to two separate hairdressers! You should have seen me running back and forth from booth to booth with my little 'example pictures'. I was totally freaking out. Suddenly I felt like I'd made the worst decision ever. Were they going to look completely different? Was one haircut going to be awful and the other awesome? I thought I was about to have a panic attack when it started to dawn on me that it might actually be a good thing.

For starters, it was quick, everything was said and done in 10 minutes. Secondly, they did look different. And I liked it. The boys liked it too. Hayden even said "Does our hair look like the other boys now?" (A question that melted my heart and made me feel totally guilty at the same time). Lastly, it was cheap, so cheap in fact that even I got my bangs trimmed on a whim before we left.

This is going to sound downright silly, but since it went so well, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'd finally made the walk-in crossover and it was good. Its practically luxurious that I am now comfortable enough to just drive down the street whenever my kids need a trim. I'm sure I'll still freak out on occasion, especially when their opinions on their own hair start to come into play - but for now? We're good. Very good. See for yourself!


and after...


dusty said...

What's really hilarious is that I was expecting the after pic to be really short cuts based on your description of the agonizing! They look great!

emily the mom said...

thanks dusty!
you know i'll die a slow death before I let them buzz their hair...