Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obi-Wanna Be My Man?

My husband came home the other day with a new haircut.
Maybe it's just Storm-Trooper overload, or a deluge of Darth going on in my house.....

But it kinda feels like Obi-Wan just moved in.

Who [or what...] does your significant other remind you of?


Mandy said...

I can see that.

My husband has been compared to Tom Petty (back when he had long hair). He reminds me of a moose.

emily the mom said...

a moose. thats hilarious. and i totally can see the petty in him!

Dusty Brown: said...

The beard was cute but I think the new 'do is hot. Loves it! What can i say? I'm just a short hair knida girl. I know. I know. How can I love Axl, Slash, Brett and Sebastion but like short hair? I just like short hair in real life scenarios!

As far who Phil looks like, he never really gets that, though, oddly, he sometimes looks more like my sister than I do. Hey, at least she's pretty!

PS I am so stoked! I won a pop-up book kit from BlogHer!!

Angel said...

This disturbs me. I mean, the resemblance is insane! However, this disturbs me in the sense that I'm afraid my fantasies of Ewan will be horribly skewed from now on. Of course I would feel guilty for thinking of Ewan and then BAM! there's Aaron all up in my fantasy. So you know, this isn't going to work for me.

I say bring back the long hair! >:)

Mike doesn't favor anyone famous. Mike is just hot to me all by himself, except when he does dumb things like not showering for three days in a row... or you know, just breathing. Those things pretty much turn me off.

Jenkensing said...

Ooh..I like me some Ewan McGregor...and I love that face in the background on you Emily, that says "I'm gonna kill the human who cut his hair". ha