Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Blinding Proof of My Genuis

I've written this highly entertaining blog.

It's good. It has comedy, drama, suspense and Springsteen all wrapped into one riveting masterpiece.

As I typed, I laughed out loud while the the words flowed from my fingers. I cried as the story took shape. I beamed with pride when it was finished.

Then, I let the battery on my computer slowly die out.

And left my power adapter in another state.

So I'm afraid you'll just have to wait. And I know its going to be hard.

Its going to be rough, and its going to feel like its taking forever, but just relax.

Run out and get yourself a coffee or do a little shopping. Maybe stop at your local library; they lend out real books there you know. And while you're at it - swing by the Apple store and get me a new adapter, will ya? Think of it as your good deed for the week. You'd be helping all of us, not just yourself.

Call me when you're on your way, k?

1 comment:

babybloomr said...

Went to Arkansas to visit family and left it in Nashville.
Luckily, I have a family full of computer nerds, Mac nerds at that, so I was able to get (inconveniently) make it through.
It produces a weird kind of anxiety, doesn't it? Life without the laptop? Unthinkable!
(Will wait patiently for the post. BRUUUUUUUCE!!!!!)