Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How I Almost Lost My Husband to Springsteen

*! thanks, LTC, for the power cord !*

One of the things I love most about my husband is his love for music, his love for seeing it live and his love for taking me with him.

We've seen some good shows together, the two of us.

Especially if you don't count that one time we accidentally saw Nickelback [Or if you ask my husband, that one time we accidentally saw Jack Johnson].

Last Thursday night was another one for the records books.

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band just happened to be rolling through town, and you know when they come to town, you can't just stay home. You MUST go.

Even if you did just see them in April. Or even if you're supposed to be living on some sort of so-called 'budget'. I mean who cares if you have to eat hot dogs every day for a month - your seats were awesome!


We went.

And of course, it was nothing short of amazing. Like getting your faced ripped off, put back on, ripped off once more, and totally enjoying it.

I knew my husband felt the same way. I hate to get all mushy on you, but watching him rock out was terribly romantic. There's nothing like sharing live music with the ones you love. It elevates the entire experience. Unless of course, your loved one decides to go all self-destructive on you, like mine did:

During the "Murder, Inc. / She's The One / Promised Land" trifecta:
Me: " Man, 58 looks good on Bruce"
Aaron: "I could jump right off this balcony and be happy"

After the "I Walk the Line / I'm On Fire" Medley:
Me: "Bruce sure looks sweaty, can't he just take that shirt off?"
Aaron: "I could die right here."

Following "Thunder Road" and "Born to Run" back to back, at the beginning of a seven song encore:
Me: " Tramps like us...yes. I'll be a tramp for you Bruce!"
Aaron: " I'm going to die a happy man! "

I have to admit, I was getting a little worried. I mean, yes, this concert was better than I could have ever imagined, with a set list that just kept slapping me in the face, but was I prepared to lose my husband over it? Um, not really. Unless it got me backstage.

And then, just when I thought I was safe, I hear Bruce start talking about Joe Strummer, mentioning that is was his birthday that night.

Oh no, I thought. Not the Clash. Please. Don't. Not tonight. I wanna go home with a husband still intact.

But sure enough - he tore right into "I Fought the Law". Big deal, you're thinking, I know. But you gotta understand. This song is my husband's song. It's his life. Its his story, his anthem.

His ringtone.

He took one gleeful look at me and said " That's it. I'm going! " as he held onto the railing. All I could think was 'The children! Think of the children!' But I was too busy dancing to say anything. So I just shimmied over in front of him.

My moves must have been good - smokin' I'm sure - because he never did jump. And thank God he didn't. Because he would have missed "Rosalita". And I forgot where we parked.


babybloomr said...

I LOVED this!!!
"It's his ringtone." BWAHAHHAH!!
Still mad I missed it (but not as mad as Madi.)

Jennifer said...


emily the mom said...

thank you ladies. thank you very much.

and Tori, next time! You, me, Madi & Bruce!!!!!

Dusty Brown: said...

I totally understand. Going to live shows with Phillip doesn't come nearly as often as it does for you and Aaron; however,it always takes me right back to 1999 when we were 22, and we could take time and money to go rock out!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I was watching the set lists on his web site + saw that he played "Rosalita" almost every night, but I was out of my frickin' mind when he played it! I felt the same, my boyfriend worships Bruce, we just came back from his brother's funeral + the look on his face was pure happiness. Now if they had just played "Glory Days"that would have been the ultimate for him. Here is my post about the concert http://laladexpress.blogspot.com/2008/08/bruce-springsteen-touched-this-shirt.html