Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I woke up this morning, and realized I suddenly had five year olds.

No more babies, no more toddlers, no more preschoolers.

I have KIDS now. Actual children. Little men. Little people, with attitudes, opinions, favorite songs.

Little guys who go to school every day, all day long. Who return to me each afternoon reciting new rules and new words, beaming over new teachers and new friends

Little boys obsessed with the girl next door [or at least her trampoline...] "When is she going to come outside?", "Can we go knock on her door?" " Do you think she's eating right now or sleeping?"

Little boys that I love, who's kisses and laughter and wry compliments I cherish.

Its been said before, and will be said again, but how did we get here so fast?

Somedays I want to slow down this journey we're on, but most of time I'd rather keep going, watching their hands hang out the window, and their hair blow in the wind.

So here's to my boys on their birthday....and here's to growin' up.

[and here's to your mom hopefully being able to make it the next 10 minutes without having to reference Springsteen...soon I'm going to have to change this blog title to 'emilytheobsessed'.]

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Jenkensing said...

Awesome! you've raised some pretty great 5 year olds! Awe...they are so big!

Happy Birthday Twins!!!