Monday, June 30, 2008

In Which I Conclude That Maybe We Should Turn the TV Off.

If you don't count the Spongebobs, the Scooby-Doos, the Chowders (rada-rada), the TMNTs, the SuperWhys (I practice that dance in the shower), the How its Made show (counts as science right?) , the On-Demand Batman Previews (because hello, CHRISTIAN BALE), the occasional Sesame Street, or anything on Animal Planet, then we totally don't watch much TV at all in this house.

So you can imagine my utter shock and surprise when I stood on our front porch lamenting on how my plants need to be watered and my children quickly answered:

"Mom, you need the AquaGlobe!" *

*Statement is also interchangeable with "You need the Mighty Putty/Buxton Bag/Topsy Turvy/Green Bags/Weed Claw" Who are these tiny salesmen and where did they come from?

Yeah. Like I was saying. We totally don't watch TV aryound here.

But, you know, if you happen to come across my remote, GIVE IT BACK, because I, um, need it.


Ang said...

I happen to believe we all need the Topsy Turvy. That's one way to combat all that salmonella-- and BONUS! It looks really neat.

Ashlee said...

Layla tends to be partial to the Pancake Puffs and Moon Sand. I'm going to be really sad when she grows out of Noggin and Sprout.

Randy said...

Which is why I decided *not* to upgrade our cable to include ESPN and Cartoon Network this summer.

Although, I think my boys watch *every* game show in existence.

Uncle Randy.

PS. We'll be driving by next weekend (coming home from Florida on July 12). Would you like an invasion?

Dusty Brown: said...

That is absolutely hialrious. Phillip and I see that commercial at least three times late at night and totally make fun of those suspicious looking plant watering thingys!!

Babybloomr said...

Charlotte has been trying to sell me on those AquaGlobe things for weeks-- she figures if we get like, 50 of them she'll never have to water the garden again.