Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crafty Conundrum

We've been hitting up the library in these parts lately like it was brand new.

You can't really go wrong with the library can you? I mean, its free, its quiet (well at least until we walk in the door), and it's somebody else's job to put all the books away, so I'm off the hook.

It makes me feel all smart and educational, taking the boys there for a few hours to chill out, even though we usually leave with 4 movies and a whopping 2 books.

There's always something going on for the kiddos there, they have a group of librarians at this library that puts all others I've ever known to shame. Today, they were having craft-time, making door hangers complete with glitter letters, jewels and shiny stars, so you know we couldn't pass it up.

I'm a big fan of letting my kids do what they want when it comes to crafts. If its supposed to be a gingerbread house, and ends up looking more like a Willy Wonka threw up on a shack, that's ok, everybody's gotta learn to express themselves somehow.

Today was no different, I helped them spell out their names, but my instruction stopped there. That was until I started to pay attention to what Hayden was doing. He'd put his name down no problem and was busy embellishing the rest of the hanger with other sparkling letters.

I watched patiently as he laid down an F.

And underneath that an A.

And then thinking for a minute, he carefully chose the last letter.

A "G".

I tried to choke back a chuckle as I said "Um Hayden, we can't put those letters together."

"But why, not?"

"We just can't, it sort of spells something bad, something you don't want hanging on your door..."

"Okay..." he sighed. I felt kind of bad, and maybe I should have just left it alone, but you know, I just didn't want him, um, labeling himself too soon.

But just as I was starting to feel a little guilty, he'd already moved on, choosing F-A-A instead. Which frankly describes him a little better, I think. He is after all, minorly obsessed with all things aviation.

You can see for yourself how things eventually turned out. Pretty good, I'd like to think. I'm proud to show off these doorknobs...(yeah, and that didn't sound inappropriate at all, now did it? Hmm, I wonder where my son gets it from....)

Of course something similar has happened to you, right? RIGHT? Your empathy would be greatly appreciated....

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Tough Mama said...

Yes, of course. I think I mentioned Eli's new word was "crock", but he was saying it over and over again without the "r". "Yes, honey, that's your....... shoe."