Thursday, June 26, 2008

Easier Said Then Done

I've done a terrible job of blogging this week.

I've also totally failed the dishes.

And dust? Well lets just say we like having you around.

Oh and work? Oh yes. That's right! I 'm supposed to finish you first, then get paid, not rant about how there are no checks in the mail, while conveniently forgetting that um, no actual work has been done.

And wait - it's my job to do the grocery shopping ? Who forgot to tell me this one? Or more like who forgot to tell my kids, because I'm certainly not going to. If you want to answer their constant demand to put something! anything! in their bellies, then you just go right ahead. I hope you keep an arsenal of cheeseburgers in your back pocket.

Because, you know, I worked really hard on an airplane that was made out of PBJ the other day, only to have it launched off the couch in hopes that a coveted cheeseburger (from you-know-where) would soon replace it (it didn't). Oh, and they will also ask you for 'cheese I can cut myself' which is really just a nice way of them asking for permission to use a knife. So, If I were you, I'd be prepared.

But while I'm totally slacking in most areas, housekeeper, employee, human least I can say I'm totally kicking butt on this summer thing:


Ang said...

summertime enjoys having you around, though. so do we.

Mandy said...

you know, pampered chef sells a kid friendly knife that actually works well. or so i've heard.

Dusty Brown: said...

You know what, though? Creating a mrmorable summer is important! Live it up. Missed you at Discovery Center this morning.