Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Must Be That Time Of Year Again

Its always nice when your kids actually want to sit with you, taking a minute to relax and have a conversation together.

My kids did just that this afternoon. We cuddled up on the recliner and got cozy. We laughed, we shared stories, and we discussed the important things in life.

Like fireworks.

You see, my kids have been waiting all year for the 4th to roll back around. They've been patiently on the lookout for that first red and white tent to pop up and when it did, they wasted no time starting to beg for the chance to go in.

Last night, thanks to their dad, they finally got their wish. Me, I stayed home so I'd yet to experience the full extent of their shopping spree.

One by one, they carefully brought over each, um, explosive. There were tanks, rockets, missiles, race cars, you name it, if it has a fuse, you can bet its currently in my living room.

"This one pops!"

"This one screams!"

"This one has a parachute and balls!"

And after each explanation, a simple statement:

"If we're really lucky, the whole thing will catch on fire!!!'

Looks like Mommy's raised a couple of pyromaniacs. Def Leppard better watch out.

Happy Birthday America! Lets light your fire!


(this is the part where you imagine "Photograph" playing in the background while I fade out....)

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