Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Mineral Moment

Getting ready the other day, this showed up in my foundation:

Can you believe that smirk its giving me? Do you even see it? Please tell me you see it.

It might has well have screamed "Oh, girl! After this is over, I'm gonna spread out all over your bathroom counter, and then when you try to wipe me up, I'll just smear, and then it'll look like your sink has skidmarks. So awesome! Oh, I'm also gonna do my best to make one of your cheeks look six times darker than the other while simultaneous not covering any of your zits, and then, maybe later, around 4:00 or so? You'll notice I've been hanging out on your pants leg all dang day, making you look way lame. You hate me, I know, but you can't quit me. Don't forget to recycle."


I wanted to put "Maybe it's Maybelline, or maybe I'm crazy" right here, but lets face it. That's not even funny. Not even remotely. Totally off the map. Like in the Bermuda Triangle.

No wonder even my own makeup is mocking me.

1 comment:

jfarls said... could say it's an image of Jesus and sell it for a lot of $$ on ebay?!