Friday, December 12, 2008


If you know me, if you love me, you know I love Mellencamp. He reminds me of growing up, my hometown, my best friend, and save for my baby Bruce, a Mellencamp concert is one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Only John Mellencamp can pull off a blueberry-blue suit with a t-shirt and still look cool. And the man dances with the microphone stuck into the waist of his pants. The waist of his pants, people! Who does that?

John Mellencamp does.

He may not be the kind of rock star who'll gain you street cred with the hipsters. But do I give a rip? No. Fedoras are totally on their way out anyway.

Almost everything he puts out is awesome, and I could chock this whole blog full of videos, but I heard this song in the car yesterday and I got all weepy listening to it. Because I'm like that. Plus his hair in this video is awesome. And he does the splits.

Check It Out.


meg said...

i don't care how old he gets...he just keeps getting sexier.

and while you may find the longer-haired john "cougar" mellencamp...

i like mine tight white t-shirt, short-haired, and "cougar"-less.

ahhh and with a little angst for authority.

emily the mom said...

agreed. he [& bruce too!] only get better with age.

you could put jon bon jovi in that category too.

like fine wine, those three.

babybloomr said...

That hair could start its own religion. And I would join it.