Friday, December 19, 2008

F.A.V. Its Your Lucky Day

Oh that's right, I have a blog! I totally misplaced it this week. I just found it a few hours ago under a stack of unopened Christmas cards and discarded candy cane wrappers.

My house is a wreck.

A little elf named Edgar moved into our house earlier this month, and I'm just going to blame it all on him.

I found him face down in a bucket this morning, so I think its obvious he's the one to blame. I'm also going to blame him for the fact that I don't have even one ounce of Christmas shopping done, as well as for the reason that I simply cannot accept the fact that Christmas is this coming Wednesday and also maybe he's the reason I haven't even sent out a Christmas card yet and for the stomach-ache I now have for eating the majority of Christmas cookies I baked.

If it wasn't for that silly little elf, I'd probably have some awesome Christmas-themed video to go right here. I'm sure it would be clever, or maybe even amusing. But I'll just save that for next week.

Besides, the video I'm posting this afternoon is a gift in and of itself. I've tried to hold out as long as possible from posting a Bruce Springsteen video [I've been afraid once I start posting Bruce, I won't be able to stop] but I'm breaking the seal on that today. Right here. Right now.

The video is for "My Lucky Day" which is off his new album that comes out in January. It's about the sweetest little love song you ever did hear, and I'll be damned if he doesn't look ridiculously handsome the entire video. Especially in that hat. Not that I only love Bruce for his looks or anything...


Tough Mama said...

Remember that albulm with just his butt and the American flag...

emily the mom said...

oh yes, one does not forget such an image!