Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bowl. Baby. BOWL.

My sisters were in town this past weekend, which meant dance parties, late nights, early mornings, a little free babysitting, and plenty of rotten spoiling.

We decided to throw all caution to the wind and let the boys dictate the weekends festivities.

They picked bowling.

Can I even begin to express my pride? I'm figuring their love for the pins started in-utero.

The one and only time I have ever kicked total booty in bowling [or in any sport for that matter] was when I was around 6 months pregnant with those two.

It was back in the early "Glory Days" when we lived off 8th Ave in Nashville and often frequented Melrose Lanes.

I was fierce, I tell you, hauling that heavy ball up there as well as my burgeoning belly [not to mention a burgeoning behind as well...].

It was almost as if all that extra weight gave me an awesomely grounding center of balance, and ta-da! I was coordinated for the first [and only] time in my life.

*Sigh* Those were the days, when slamming down a turkey was actually within my grasp on a regular basis, instead of just on Thanksgiving.

I've been hoping and praying since the day I found out I was having these two that they'd be blessed with at least just an ounce more of coordination than I'd ever had. I'm not asking for them to be captain of the team or anything, it would just be nice if they could catch a ball without having to cover their face first, like I once did. At a Major League baseball game.

After this weekend [and after many times of consistently being hit in the face by a ball or kicked in the shins by these dear children] I can almost conclude that my prayers were answered. Almost. Maybe. Sort of. Yes? No? See for yourself.


A Time to Bowl from emily hartley on Vimeo.
[That girl on the left was the most uninterested bowler I've ever seen. She was always sitting down by the time her ball hit the pins. I think she scored a total of 14? And don't even get me started on her awesome flat-ironing skills]

Hayden [and Cash um, helps out]:

A Time to Bowl Part 2 from emily hartley on Vimeo.

Yup. My children obviously ooze coordination. Just standing next to them makes me look better, and I'm not really exaggerating,either. I even managed to beat Aaron at bowling that very same afternoon. This never happens. He wins everything. Even Candyland.


Anonymous said...

Emily..I don't remember if you are a scrapbooker or not..but that first picture is really really fun and action packed..I just love it. And bowling. And you. :)

meg said...

after playing on many a sport team with you...i agree. these boys are due for some serious coordination.

i mean, you didn't even like when the volleyball came at you...i'm just saying is all...

i mean, i always ran holding my shirt down so i shouldn't talk. but i did ace 15 straight points in that volleyball game once in eighth grade. that was a moment.