Friday, December 5, 2008

F.A.V. Art of Destruction

The boys had art class earlier this week.

When they got in the car after school that afternoon, I asked about their day. We discussed all the important happenings like who pushed who, was it or wasn't it on purpose and why is everybody else so slow at putting the blocks away during block center, before the conversation settled on how Art went that day. [Art was my absolute favorite subject from the beginning of preschool to the end of college, so I admit, I do harbor a small-ish hope that at least one of my children might enjoy it too.]

"So what did you do in art class today, guys?" I asked, totally expecting them to trip over themselves with excitement.


Cash was asleep.

Hayden was staring out the window.

Finally, after a minute or so he confidently declared. "I'll show you when we get home."

Ooo. Such suspense from such youth! Must be something good.

Once we got home and settled into our afternoon routine [which is basically me yelling about how could you possibly still be hungry, you just ate 3 go-gurts and a bowl of cherrios and two bananas, while they ignore me] we gathered on the couch to review our art projects.

They seemed proud of what they were about to show off, and I so enjoy listening to them explain their work, I was anxious to see what they had done.

Hayden was first.

"This is a building....


He drew on the back too,

" This is a race track, and these are the cars....

there was an EXPLOSION here, and this one EXPLODED and that one EXPLODED, and oh yeah, EVERYTHING'S ON FIRE.

Hmmm. Interesting. Scorching, even.

Next it was Cash's turn.

"This is a van you watch Christmas lights from. Here's a guy wearing a hat, and here's me....

and my feet are A LITTLE BIT ON FIRE.

He also drew on the other side of his paper, a race track too,

"Here's Daddy, here's Hayden, that's me....

I'm A LITTLE BIT ON FIRE, oh and you, you're over there. "

Hmmm. Do you sense a theme? I'm not so sure if I do or not.

I mean, we never watch racing around here. What this obsession with race tracks? I don't get it.

Regardless, today's video is for my kids and they're budding talent as artists [of destruction...]:

[why doesn't anybody dance in their seat like that anymore? Everybody always has to get up these days to shake their booty....]

What about you? What's your video today?


Daniel Tones said...

Some vry good pictures here!!!

meg said...

you could be much worse em, they could be drawing pictures of jesus. or out of the "Jeremy" video. im just saying there is a silver lining to their "fire" clouds. i see talent, and obvious imagination.

babybloomr said...

Yeah, at that age Madi once meticulously drew an entire page of blind ballerinas...

And at 16, she has YET to become a serial killer! So you're fine.

Melody said...

Uh-Oh They did see Uncle Jim.....