Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reason #373 Why Having Twins is STILL Awesome

Because even though the school photographer seriously screwed up your kids school pictures the first time around [mistaking your two children for JUST ONE CHILD] you sucked it up and ordered the pictures anyway.

Last week we got the pictures back.

Here's what they looked like:


Talk about identical. Right down to the allergy eyes, the parts in their hair and the wrinkles in their shirts.

Man. I had no idea my kids looked that much alike. I mean I know they're twins and all, but c'mon now! This is kind of eerie.

Its almost like they're the same per---oh wait.

They are the same person. These are both pictures of Cash.

Way to go Mr. School Photographer, you did it again. You've managed to take my kids from two children to one and then back again. I have to say I really admire your consistency. least I have enough pictures of Cash now to wrap all our Christmas presents with.


Randy said...

Have you gotten *anything* for all your pain and suffering?

I'd be piling it on high and deep to get all of these pictures for FREE.

Maybe even a free family portrait. Although, don't be surprised if you get back a different family's photo. (Depending on if this new family is better looking, you can decide to keep it or not.) Sorry.

What a fiasco,

artsy said...

You know I was sitting here thinking, "Surely she realizes that those are both pics of the same kid". What a pain in the arse. That's what you get for going and having twins. Geeez.

hokhaps said...


I can't believe that man has never heard of twins. LOL

melody said...

Emily..maybe Hayden doesn't want a pic taken and Cash 'filled in' and the teacher and/or photog wasn't watching.Remember the scissor incident. Have you let them see an old Haley Mills movie?......naw, the guy's an idiot!!! We don't get to see you all to oftem, but we're pretty good at telling them apart.
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