Friday, November 7, 2008

F.A.V. Flip-Out

This feels a little cheesy. Maybe a little cliche.

And maybe completely embarrassing too.

But screw it, I'm gonna do it anyway.

I'm a mom you know, and I have a temper.

And I lose it. A lot. So much, that I shouldn't be able to find it anymore.

I lose it over lame stuff, like missed baths or a sticky floor. You could even say that I'm better at throwing a temper tantrum than the two five year olds I live with.

Its getting old, really. And I'm tired of it, I'm tired of pretending its something I don't do, and I'm tired of making excuses about it.

I'm tired of having to apologize to my kids for my inappropriate actions.

I'm embarrassed that some days my priorities are so skewed that I'm more consumed by my mounting to-do's than I am by all those I-love-you's my little ones so selflessly shower me with.

Precious moments are flying by faster than I can keep up with and I can't afford to waste any more of my time worrying endlessly about how many grams of sugar are in those granola bars, or how looming my recycling pile might be, or how many toys are carpeting my floor.

In five minutes, five days, or five years, it simply wont matter if we skipped our bath three days in a row that first week of November, if I cant remember what the carpet looked like in the playroom, or what the sink looked like when it was empty, once.

As long as my family is basking in the kind of love that they deserve, nothing else matters.


What better way to acknowledge these statements than with the crankiest band of all time?

In the spirit of letting go, moving on, and tempering down I dedicate today's video to me.

Here's to less yells and more giggles, and my crush on James Hetfield that will NEVER die.

[Did you see that date at the beginning? 1992! not only am I angry, I also feel old]

It's your turn are you feeling today???


Anonymous said...

Okay...apparently I see Aaron whenever I check your blog movies...this week he totally looks like Lars! LOL

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Mine is a flash-back too. And as I stated in my post, I'm late for last week's post...or early for this week's.

Love what you said about the Obama win. His speech made me want to be a better person. Here's to the next administration!

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