Friday, November 14, 2008

F.A.V. Whatever

It's a busy week this week. My mom's in town, I got a substitute teaching job, we attended the ever-exciting CMA Awards and tomorrow, my nieces and nephew are coming so we can make a valiant attempt at a Christmas card picture for my mother-in-law.

For once, I woke up this morning with no idea what video I was feeling today. With so much going on, I had a few themes in mind, but I finally settled on maybe picking something teacher or job related since I'd signed up for substituting this week. I thought maybe "Hot for Teacher" , but, wow, that would have been wildly inappropriate, and kind of gross, and maybe just a little self-centered.

Somehow my train of thought led me to 'Particle Man' by They Might Be Giants. I thought, 'Hmmm, Particle Man. That's kind of science-y.' The last time I felt science-y was school, and school=teacher, so, hey. There's my theme.

When I started to search for the video however, so many great TMBG songs came up that I found it increasingly hard to choose which one was my favorite. Maybe I'll put up "Never Go To Work" because lets face it, I love that I can actually go to work now, but does anyone ever really want to go to work? Besides, my kids love that one - you just gotta love a band that can span the generations.

Still, my initial gut feeling was to pick something older, more classic TMBG, and when I saw this video in the list and listened to the song, it all came rushing back. Screw my theme, I felt like I was sitting in my high school cafeteria, dipping my pretzels in cream cheese and stapling the hem on my uniform all over again.

So enjoy it. And don't forget to let me know your pick, either.

They Might Be Giants - The Statue Got Me High


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Brenda McClanahan said...

Ahhh, that does bring back memories. But, my favorite TMBG song has to be Istanbul (Not Constantinople)'s geography, right?! ;)