Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a Bunch of Winners

I'm a winner.

A few weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Rock and Roll Mama, by the ever-awesome Lindsay Maines, who writes beautifully about both music and mommyhood. She writes one of the few blogs I actually ever comment on and you'll never believe what happened.

Apparently, my comments? They were soooo riveting that I actually won an award! Yes, it is totally true, I really won something!

Ok, well, maybe it was more like she awarded a Starbucks Card to the fifth commenter, who I just happened to be, but whatever, Y'all! I. Am. A. Winner! [Did I really just TYPE y'all? Oh yes, I did.] Here's the proof:

You'll be happy to know I spent it wisely. On something warm and all mocha-like. A long time ago. With this gal.


And It appears this winning streak has rubbed off on my kiddos too.

I took the boys to an after-school activity this afternoon at their school library put on by Read to Succeed. There was a craft, a story, games, snacks, and a drawing for a prize. 3 prizes actually.

I figured we had a pretty good chance of winning, considering I had one more kid there then every other parent. I can't tell you what kind of winning percentage that would give me of course, because I'm no good at the math stuff. But that's not important anyway.

What IS important is that we won. Well, at least Cash did. We are now the proud owners of a lovely, fluffy, Build-A-Bear brand dog.

[be sure to note the conflicting expressions on my children's faces...]

A dog now affectionately known as "Fluffy Doggie" partly because we're obviously super creative with our stuffed animal names around here [like Deer, Catty and Black Doggie, for instance] and partly because I think Cash is deliberately trying to rub his winnings in Hayden's face by constantly remarking on the furry texture of his new best friend.

I'd be lying if I told you all was well in our house after this big win. Suddenly, and for Hayden at least, every toy we already own paled in comparison to the Mighty Fluffy One. This included both of the Build-A-Bears we already had, anything with a remote and even *gasp* the Bat Cave.

I feel bad for Hayden, I really do. I know it has to suck to watch your brother win, while you get nothing but the two free books everybody else got. But at the same time, losing is a part of life that we all have to get used to, and I don't want to sugar-coat this experience so much that we miss the life-lesson entirely.

So what's a mom to do? I did what any mom would, I entered another contest to win a $25 Build-A-Bear gift card.

Problem solved. Sorta.

C'mon Lady Luck! Momma needs a new pair of uh.....paws? Preferably ones that can fit in a pair of bear-sized sneakers?

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Melody said...

na..na..na.. You already said it. You know I now a great place to get an Elkhound for Hayden. It'd out do Fluffy or Furry whatever. And the Bat Cave, well...It'd be his/her place to hide....no huh.
Oh Well.
Anyway You guys are always winners!! Have a great night.