Sunday, November 23, 2008

O, Christmas. Tree.

Last Sunday night we put up our Christmas tree.


Yes, that's right. Screw the turkey. Give me the manger.

Wait...that came off kind of blasphemous....

What I meant to say was I don't have 8 boxes of turkey stuff in my garage. I have a shortage of pilgrims. And I don't like scarecrows.

Instead my garage is half-full of tinsel, trees, ornaments, wreaths, advent calendars, garlands and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

The Christmas season in our house so busy, with us usually being out of town for at least 2 weeks, that I like get our decorations up early, so we can enjoy them. Who cares if it was only the third week of November?

The boys were eager to help out. In fact as soon as I brought all the boxes out of the garage, they got to work without even asking.

Cash took it upon himself to open all the new boxes of lights I'd bought after Christmas last year. I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing, until I found myself hearing the familiar clinkity-clink-clink of light bulbs. I turned around from the tree and saw this...

He'd had trouble getting the lights out of the cardboard they came in [which you can see in the background], so he came up with a solution.

Unscrew every bulb.


How could you be mad at that ingenious? I certainly couldn't. After all, there was no whining involved, so I have to admit I was filled with more pride then I was disgust.

He even helped me screw all the bulbs back in and put the finishing touches on the tree. A tree which he remarked looked like "Christmas exploded on it".

I'm just going to go ahead and accept that as a compliment. He is a boy, and in a boy's vocabulary, 'explosion' is pretty much synonymous with 'awesome'. So, obviously, my tree must look awesome.

I think Hayden agrees as well. Just yesterday morning he said "I hope that tree doesn't fall over, because it looks like a mess already."

Uh, yeah. Just like I said. Looks awesome.


Anonymous said...

Good job guys! Our stuff is coming down after Thanksgiving,
...ugh...wasen't that stuff supposed to be fun back when we first owned our house?..What a chore. LOL

Luellyn Latocki said...

your boys are too cool. James and I were supposed to go get the holiday cheer out of storage today - but, I couldn't get up off the couch. I love putting it up for as long as possible...

catie said...

if it makes you feel any better about being a christmasaholic, some people up the street put out their decorations (lots of music, animatronics, big blinking lights, etc) ON NOVEMBER 1!!!!! I'm sure your xmas explosion tree looks great.

meg said...

i can't wait for pj to be old enough to be that ingenious...of course she is going to be just like me...resourceful, creative, and overall it shouldn't be long before she shows her brilliance...hee hee

Robyn said...

cute! i put up my 10" hot pink tree this weekend. if we get a real tree, it'll be a couple weeks before xmas--in that window when my husband and i are both home simultaneously at an appropriate time for trees. ugh.

Anonymous said...

OH yeah..I totally meant..our stuff is going up. Can you tell I was sick? haha

tammy franks said...

ok THAT WAS FUNNY! I think your a better mom then me I would have had a stroke or killed someone!!! Have a great Christmas !!!LOL