Monday, July 21, 2008

Blame It on the Fumes?

What happened to me last week? I started off all strong, you know with no meddling kids and all around and then......silence.

Its almost like I feel of the face of the earth. Or maybe teetered over the edge of the blogosphere.

Truth is, I fell into a paint can.

I did what any good mother would do without her kids around for a whole week. You know, take on a massive decorating project that would drastically improve my kid's rooms while simultaneously creating one mother of a mess in the rest of the house. In other words, I decided to paint their bedroom, and just for kicks, I threw in the playroom too.

It was like a party with paint. My friend Stacy even drove all the way down from Cincy to lend a hand, and even my husband pitched in...

[my apologies to Angel, who helped me so much, I forgot to take her picture]

I'd post you before and afters, but frankly, its not really done yet. And my befores, well they're really more like durings, because, you know, I kind of forgot all about documenting this amazing transformation.

Also, I retired my paint roller over the weekend and somehow ended up here:

and now that the sun and sand are within my reach, well, I'm starting to feel a little, bummer. I guess you'll just have wait. In the meantime...tell me how you're doing.What would you do without your kids for a week?


Mandy said...

I'd probably spend a couple of days in a pregnancy induced coma and then cry for the last five days because I missed them so much.

Angel said...

That light blue looks faboo! Actually, it looks just like the sky above the ocean there in that gorgeous pic from your window. Maybe it wasn't space you were dreaming of and trying to recreate. Maybe it was the beach.

And I don't blame you. I'm so jealous that you're there and I'm here.

Also: very glad you didn't get a pic of me then.

It's going to look great when it's all said and done!

kamiek said...

I'd go to Atlanta and find more to play with!! (YAY... Visiting Andrea for the week!!!)

Tough Mama said...

I'd drink.