Monday, July 14, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know.

I don't have any kids for an ENTIRE WEEK..

Yes, I know I'm lucky and no, I'm not get anything done.

I woke up this morning to no whimpers, no requests, and no idea what to do.

I sort of wandered around a little bit like a lost puppy missing two 3-foot tall dictators, and then I remembered.


So instead of making myself breakfast, I got in the car, which, oh my god, took me like, all of A MINUTE, and I put the key in the ignition -WITHOUT having to locate superman on his cape first- and then I drove -QUIETLY- to Starbucks, where I bought myself breakfast AND coffee without having to spend forty dollars because I also had to buy two cookies and two chocolate milks - oh wait, I meant ORGANIC chocolate milks.

After that, I went shopping, where the only person I had to worry about getting hit by a car in the parking lot was me and I was able to browse from rack to rack without losing anyone amidst the clearance clothing, which by the way, were far too expensive to be considered clearance.

Because I concocted some insane idea last week that I would try and paint my children's room and maybe even their playroom while they were gone I then when paint chip shopping, which I totally suck at doing alone. I lost myself in all those pretty little chips and had to take my husband back later to shock me into making an actual decision. He has this uncanny way of making it seem like the answer was under my nose the whole time, and good lord, could I just stop thinking about it so hard and just pick something?

Later on that evening, we had a relaxing dinner, where I was able to eat all my food without having to get up once and my husband tried to keep things lively by yelling out at random ghost children. To top it all off, we then went out for ice cream, where ironically, I was the one who fell off the curb into the parking lot, almost knocking over an elderly couple.


I guess I really do miss my kids...


aryn said...

Hey Em-
Thanks for the blog-my kids are leaving me for a week on Saturday. I have so many plans, but I think I will just wander around with tears in my eyes. I don't remember life without my children (could it really have been fun?) Of, course, right? "Stop being a baby," I'll tell myself. "It's only a week and as soon as they get back and Paige kicks Gavin on his butt and they both whine and hang on my legs, I'll wish they could go back to Ohio." I'll be fine without them. No really... it will be fun. I can be a person other than "Mom", can't I? I'll let you know.

emily the mom said...

Every morning I wake up and i think - i have so much to do, and then I just sit there. Its like my motivation is missing. Why must motherhood be so ironic? You are going to have an awesome week, You'll at least start having a good time by wednesday, I promise. Enjoy it!

Melanie said...

Oh isn't it lovely!