Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vacation. Update. Sort-Of. Not really.

I had this grand idea.

I'd regularly update you on my vacation with beachy little tidbits, funny anecdotes and pictures by the sea.

I was going to be so on top of it. Captivating you with tales of minnow-fishing and outlet-bargaining, with the amusing photographs to prove it.

But seriously. Who am I kidding?


It's not like I get on here every night, just bursting with witty observations that I just can't bear to keep to myself...

It's more like every night I'm stuffing my face, spending money I don't have, frying myself to an attractive crisp, desperately trying to get my kids to pose for a picture on the beach JUST ONCE with out making a peace sign and wiling away the hours making fun of all the rich rednecks in their ill-fitting Juicy bikinis while I re-adjusting my children's goggles for the 453rd time.

Obviously, the fun and excitement has been so overwhelming, I almost forgot my laptop even came with us. I mean she refuses to step foot on the beach for fear of getting sand in her 'precious keyboard', and won't even lay out by the pool because she's paranoid of being splashed, so how could I possibly even be expected to spend time with her?

Alas, the end is near [and thankfully, because I think we're only seconds away from imploding due to cousin overload]. I shall return, and believe me, you'll hear all about it.


Babybloomr said...

Hope you are having a fabulous, cousin-filled, sun-tanned time. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Be careful! (cough*sharks*cough)

Jenkensing said...

That is a beautiful picture!

Tough Mama said...

Yes to the sharks! I even caught one! (See my blog for details :))
Sorry we missed you! Good luck getting the sand out of your crevices.