Thursday, July 10, 2008

The SeerSucker Experiment was a Success.

I was going to write you a post all about my trip home. You know, all about how that girl threw up on me at Tom Petty. And about how we took the boys to Kings Island for the first time

and Hayden threw up his Smurf ice cream.

I was even going to fill you in on how my husband I and expertly pulled off the Mr. & Mrs. Preppy Go To Town look at my cousin's wedding. see? totally preppy. and we're moving so, were totally going...somewhere.
Or how it came about that our fireworks display ended up lasting three nights long.

Or maybe you'd love to know that we spent our sixth wedding anniversary at IKEA, and yes, it was totally romantic, just look.
Or wait - I'd bet you'd really enjoy a detailed discussion on all the ridiculous spots my kids ended up getting bug bites - see above ice cream picture for evidence. Or how about the moment when Cash did a twenty minute air-guitar solo performance - with a roman candle- to Jimi Hendrix, wherein I realized I'd never exposed him to Jimi before, and crap. I should have done it a long time ago.

Yeah, I was going to tell you all about it. But then I figured, eh. Might as well just show you.


Angel said...

Awesome. Seriously. Best pics ever. I totally cracked up at your romantic IKEA pic with half of Aaron's face. Classic!

Mandy said...

Are we supposed to assume that Hayden had a bug bite on his private area?

Tough Mama said...

How dare you not expose your children to Hendrix before now. Really, it's sort of like they've just now been born...

emily the mom said...

i know, i should go you know where for not at least putting little wing on their baby mix. geez. I'm pathetic.

And thanks angel, I worked hard on picking just the right pics, and i worked hard to get aaron's face in only half the picture.

and yes mandy, your assumption is correct.