Saturday, April 12, 2008

I don't want a horse, but I would like a gift

I'm turning thirty soon, in case you didn't know, on the same day Bob Dylan turns 67. I'm sure you're racking your brain over what to get me, so I'm starting a list.

Once upon a time, in the 90's, I saw the Foo Fighters in a crappy club in Cincinnati. It was the first time I was going to see Dave Grohl in person, and I was simply beside myself. So I made my own " I heart Dave" shirt. I seem to recall it having birds AND clouds on it and it also just might have been made from an older uh, Offspring shirt, which um, was also homemade.(geez, when did this post start to get so embarrassing?).

Anyway, my point is, it probably looked pretty bad, but me, I thought it looked like this:

What girl wouldn't want this in her closet? Apparently plenty of girls already do, because its out of stock. Dang.

Once upon another time, I broke 2 laptops. In one year. So do I even need to state an argument for why I MUST HAVE this? It even comes in purple. PURPLE, people!

Like I said, I'll be turning thirty, so its probably about time for a little of this too:

It's also probably about time I started wearing jewelery showing off my skills as both a mother and an amateur fashionista so I think something from here is certainly in order. Be sure to include a charm that somehow references Bon Jovi. Something like "Born to Be My Baby" would do.

If you're really feeling saucy and you're ready to go all out, I'd be ok with this too, and be sure to include the driving gloves and the Dead Milkmen CD:

An airbrushed van with shag carpet would also work, you know, if you have trouble finding the Camaro.

I'd also appreciate about 78% of the IKEA Spring catalog and half of the most recent J.Crew & Anthropologie inventories. And I wouldn't turn down a nice big Stella McCartney bag either.

The clock is ticking, I'd say its about time you got shopping.


Jenkensing said...

I got Dibs on buying you the Shag Carpet Van...for what it's don't need that "Hope in a Jar" stuff..I think you look amazingly gorgeous...and now I'm in love with you. LOL

Tough Mama said...

I can't resist a comment when you mention Bobby D. Happy day, Emily.

shea brock said...

you of my best friends dave owns a silk screen business and is now working on "Icon" shirts...coincidence, I think not....i will get on him about a foo shirt just for you