Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet Me Tonight In Atlantic City, Better Known As MY NEW JERSEY WEEKEND

(also known as the weekend I will forever refer to in all capital letters)

I'd like to think I've seen many great concerts in my day, because for me there is no greater pastime then seeing a good band with good friends (or family!) in tow.

I've seen my share of legends and I've seen my share of superstars.

This past weekend proved no different. By some immaculate act we saw Bon Jovi on Thursday evening, followed by the incomparable Mr. Springsteen on Friday. While many others were celebrating a tax free weekend, I was basking in the glow of two of the Garden State's most celebrated native sons.

Whether you agree with me or not, you must know that there is almost nothing more gratifying then seeing the songs you first danced with your mom to and the songs you first roller-skated to back-to-back. Seeing Bon Jovi (even for the third time...) was like karaoke turned up to eleven and Bruce, well Bruce was like a baptism. That's not even right. It WAS a baptism. You may think I'm just saying that, still being intoxicated with the whole experience and all, but I'm not even exaggerating. He literally came out and baptized the crowd as he kicked into the first song. And rightfully so, because I certainly won't ever be the same again. Even if St. Peter decides to turn me away at the gates, I'll say "Wait!!!! What about that Springsteen show?!!!" Surely, he'll look at me with compassion and let me in, forgiving me gently for 13 straight years of Catholic school. After all, seeing the E-Street Band live and in person mere inches away was kind of like heaven on earth, if you'll be so kind as to totally let me go overboard with the whole "religious-experience" metaphor.

I have battle scars a-plenty too, because I was smart enough to wear cowboy boots to both shows. But you will suffer for those you love, no? And suffer we did. Our Springsteen tickets were on the floor, a decision we will never regret, but if you ask my lower back, well you might just get a different response. Its a bit hard to stretch yourself out all yoga-like in between sets when everyone around you is still engrossed in their air-drumming.

I could go on, for hours really, discussing set-lists, stage set-ups, tributes and encores, but I'll spare you, especially since if you actually see me this week, you'll probably have to endure it anyway. But what a weekend that was, practically a second honeymoon, really (or third maybe? that 05 trip to Chicago was pretty good...and we'll always have Graceland). There's nothing more romantic witnessing rock n' roll at its finest with this guy at my side:

I think that pictures pretty much captures it.

Livin' on a prayer AND Livin' in the future baby. None of this has happened yet.


hartley said...

"it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive..."

Karen said...

We were at the Bon Jovi show! What fun that was!! You must be a couple of years younger than me as I was rockin out at Jr. High dances to them! :)
Thanks for sharing your weekend. What fun!

Suburban Turmoil said...

RAWK! I heard there were lots of cougars at the Bon Jovi show. :D Ah, the memories.

Tough Mama said...

"There's nothing more romantic witnessing rock n' roll at its finest with this guy at my side"

And this is why I love you and your blog....

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

Sigh... I'm so glad you had such a good time!! Now, if only I can find enough change to make it to the Cyndi Lauper/B-52's show... Oh well. If it's meant to me, right?