Monday, April 7, 2008

Who Is This Person? And Why Am I Her?

For the least week or so, my camera (truthfully, its my husbands camera, b/c my kids dropped mine during a halloween-themed photo-shoot they were doing last October, but whatever, thats a whole other story...)has been missing. Well, missing is such a harsh word. I've known it was somewhere,um, just not exactly where. I was starting to get nervous....did I throw it away? Leave it on the front seat for someone to steal? Did I flush it down the toilet?

You see, I have a bit of a reputation for not taking very good care of things that are both expensive and electronic in nature (see above), just ask my husband, or, uh, our bank account. But in contrast (and save for my own camera) I've done pretty well lately (knock on wood). I've managed to keep both a MacBook AND an Ipod Nano in perfect working order for at least a year. You're probably thinking, "Yeah, woot. Big deal. I can beat that."

But you have to understand - since the birth of my children, a mere 4 and a half years ago, I have probably blown through at least 3 laptops, 4 cameras, and I don't even want to know how many phones. I wish I could blame my kids, but sadly, I can't. Its all me. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such bad electronic karma, but whatever it was it must have been bad.

So this morning, I awoke early and decided this was the day.Today, I was going to find the camera. I even wrote it down about 10 times, just for good measure - I WILL find the camera today! I knew the last time I had used it was for downloading, so I was positive it was in the house, I started under the bed, where I actually found a host of other things that had been missing for a while, but alas, no camera. I checked the hamper, Nope. The couch. Nope. Under the couch. Nope. Behind the bookcases. Nope. On the bookcases. Nope. The kitchen, the laundry closet, the desk. Nope, nope and still, nope.

I was just about to panic, just a little, when I thought - I'm going to check my bags one more time. I had emptied out my purse last night, just to make sure it hadn't been hiding under a blanket of reciepts this whole time. So I went for the computer bag, which I had already checked about 5 times, but I thought, one more can't hurt. I went through the three comparments and 2 side pockets to no avail. The only thing left was the front pocket. Which looked empty, but i dug in anyway. Right down to the bottom.

You'd never guess what was in there, you know, besides a few gum wrappers.

It just might have been....Ok, IT WAS, my camera.

Right there, this whole time. I wish I could say I was surprised.


Tough Mama said...

I have total bad electronic karma, too. And, electronic envy. People that are good at keeping up with it seem so together. I am good at loosing keys, billfolds, pacis, never having a charged cellphone, oh my. I need a help group. I miss the ArtsyMama get togethers. Peace out. Go take some photos!

Mady said...


Mandy Ray-Jones said...

and that was from me
i misspelled my own name in one of my email accounts. ahem.