Friday, February 22, 2008

Preschool Vacation Budgeting 101

About a week ago, Cash asked me for about the 1587th time if we could go back to Disney World.
I've taken to trying to change up my answers every time they ask, so this time I decided to go with the truth:

c: Mommy, can we go back to Disney World tomorrow?

me: We can't, We have to have tickets.

c: How do we get tickets?

me: We need money.

c: How much moneys?

me: Hundreds.

c: Where do we get hundreds?

me: We have to make it and save it.

c: Mommy, we really need to go get a hundreds dollars so we can go back.

Since then he's quit asking.

Instead, he makes a point everyday of informing me of how badly we need 'a hundreds dollars'.

Oh, dear. I've created a monster.

I think I'm going to start myself a new list:

"Things I Said That I Didn't Expect Would Be Repeated By My Children"
Its pretty long already, anyway, because no, I certainly don't know better by now.

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