Monday, February 11, 2008

I like it 2.11.08

1. I'm still stuck on Kurt. Except this week it's Stuntman Mike, because the weekend was spent watching Death Proof. Maybe it'll be next weekend it'll be Breakdown...

Stuntman Mike

2. Mmmm, Valentines day. I'm on top of it this year. One party down, one to go. Cards in the mail, kids ready and waiting for the impending sugar influx. Hayden's already asking - 'Is this a right now thing or is it tomorrow?'

3. My dustbuster's back. In case you didn't know.

4. My children inquisitively discovering Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) & Emerson Lake & Palmer (Lucky Man):

"When do the guitars come in?"
"This is silly singing"
"What's that instrument called?"
"Who's the guy thats playing it?"

I can barely keep up.

5. Giving my all in placemat making today, with my Artsy Mamas.

I just can't wait to spill something on it! It'll be so pretty...


Shea Brock said...

It was great having you and the boys over today....i hope hayden is over his sneezes, i felt so bad....yeah Coen discovered "Low Ride" and has sung it all day

Mandy Ray-Jones said...

my kids destroyed their place mats as soon as they got home last night. eh.