Monday, February 25, 2008

I like it, like it 2.25.2006

hmmm. whats on the list this week, eh?

1. Rejecting my inner pack-rat. Terrified of becoming a hoarder, I've turned the house on its side and let all the extra stuff go. Documented proof is over at the MusicCityMoms. Get yourself a tan while basking in the glow of a closet with visible floors.

2. Return of Return of the Jedi.

Little is more entertaining than watching your children and their friends get into Star Wars for the very first time.

3. Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, I know, you've already seen it, and you were probably the one who told everybody about it. Or maybe you liked Sarah Silverman before eveybody else did. Whatever. I don't care. Anyone who can squeeze in cameos from Brad Pitt (with a tasty beard! yes!) Huey Lewis and Meatloaf, and even Josh Groban into one skit is pure comic genius.

4. I like fours.

5. And now for my Kurt fix - Did you know that Kurt Russell's first movie role as a child was in an Elvis movie? This just proves that my new infatuation was totally meant to be.

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