Thursday, January 31, 2008

Irony in Mouse Form

The boys have been sick this entire week, and you can of course get all the gory details on just how much fun it's been by checking out musiccitymoms here and even here too!

Besides chugging homemade smoothies and covering every flat surface in the house with PlayFoam (ever better than playdoh...) we have spent the vast majority of our time watching our three classic Mickey Mouse cartoon DVDs on repeat. Serious repeat. Maybe I should just say, uh, constant repeat.

I bought them a few weeks ago because while we were in Walt Disney World the boys loved watching the old cartoon channel they had in our hotel.

I was so excited to see them getting into all the cartoons I used to love - like this one : (I always thought the faining girl dogs were hilarious)

- that I thought they just had to have them. I'd rather watch these then most of the stuff they have on the Disney channel now anyway.

Little did I know it would be the only thing
they'd want to watch. It has nothing to do with being sick either, ever since I brought the DVDs into the house we have ceased watching all other children's programming (save for Chowder maybe, you just can't beat a show where a kid has a pet fart). No more Dora, no more Manny, no more George. And I'm ok with that, I think (except for that one random short where Daisy Duck puts a gun to her own head after Donald dumps her).

I should have known better. After all, every four year old loves too much of a good thing. For me it was Seasame Street and the Muppets, for my younger sisters, it was watching Full House and Big Business, for my husband it was listening to the Beach Boys on his portable tape player...

Its even gotten to the point where they only want Mickey books, and only wear clothes with Mickey on them (they've worn the same sweatshirt 4 days in a row this week). We even ate a Mickey shaped pizza for lunch today.

I'm starting to think the ghost of Walt brainwashed them while we were in Disney World. Hmmmm, maybe that's what that trippy part of the Hunny-Pot ride is all about....


hartley said...

at least they aren't watching barney.

Mandy 52 said...

i was about to blog about this very thing. so you'll just have to read my blog to see what i'm talking about. too much of a good thing, indeed.