Tuesday, January 29, 2008

this weeks top lists

6 things good about this week so far, even though its only Tuesday.

1. I went alone to a yoga class on Sunday and I even sat in the front of the class.

2. I went out for coffee tonight alone, and managed to survive, skinny mocha intact, that freak 5 minute rainstorm. (I'm getting good at this alone thing)

3. These (credit goes to miss mandy) :

4. Technically last week, but our waitress from Saturday night at Chinatown. Never have I ever seen someone so excited about squid, or someone who could make squid so exciting.

5. Being able to finally see the floor in my bedroom closet. 9 pairs of boots between you and your husband only seems excessive when there's no place for them to go.

6. I made veggies fajitas tongiht and not only were the edible, but also delicious!
thank you joan lunden.

5 Conversations my kids have had

1. cash: Hayden, did you toot?
hayden: No
cash: (giggling) Then what was that funny noise?
hayden: I don't know

2. hayden:(singing along with Elvis) Sweet Memories...
cash: (yelling) Spongebob sings sweet, sweet victory!

3. overheard just this afternoon
cash: hayden, my throw-up was full of corn!

4. demonstrating book-trading in their new bunk beds:
hayden:(in a low manly voice) Book up!
cash: Book down!

5. hayden: when we grow up, we'll sound like daddy.

3 Miscellaneous Statements

1. There is such a thing as too much Scooby-Doo
2. Next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Someone failed to remind me of this and therefore is endangering my streak of getting the baby in the king cake
3. I watched this today and was genuinely entertained. Should I be ashamed? I least I can safely say his hair is his own.


Aaron said...

I wasn't joking about adopting that waitress the other night.

she could make us feel so much better about ourselves every day.


Shea Brock said...

I looove the bunk beds....IKEA???? you bitch.....lol....i am planning a massive assault on IKEA this summer after we move