Monday, January 14, 2008

Love at First Sight or Proof I Really Am a Dork

I have been on the search for the perfect planner for quite some time now.

I had settled on the fact that maybe I needed one of those "Mom-Organizers" but I'd yet to find just the right one, for just the right price (do I really need that 30 dollar faux-leather personalized cover? Even if it is the perfect shade of pink?)

I was beginning to think my search was in vain and found myself starting to crawl back towards the Franklin-Coveys when on Saturday it happened.

While shuffling the kids around Books-A-Million I took a detour down the calendar aisle, just for kicks, but not expecting anything.

I picked up a few mommy-planners, and drug them around the store with me. As I was turning the corner headed back towards the train table, I happened upon this little darling:

An absolutely gorgeous red Moleskine planner, complete with exquisitely designed artsy little calendars, the perfect weekly format, and funky little note stickers to boot.

I'm totally in love, and of course, completely organized and well-prepared. And it all fits in my purse.

edit: I forgot to mention it only cost 10 dollars. life could not be sweeter...


hartley said...

whoa, did you really post this at 6:44 am? wow. early birdy.

emily the mom said...

no silly, i was still sleeping, and so were you.

Mandy 52 said...

my planner literally fell apart. literally. no cover. no back cover. i asked for a new one for christmas. again, i received THE GOOD GIRL'S GUIDE TO BAD GIRL SEX. ahem.