Sunday, April 19, 2009


31 years ago today, my husband entered this world.

And oh, man. This world would never be the same again.
Even my life had already changed the moment he came along. I just didn't know it yet.

Mostly because I was still a fetus.

But the first moment I saw him 18 year later? I already knew him. That ridiculous guy making a fool of himself on stage? Yeah, that's definitely the one.

I feel blessed every morning that I roll over and he's still there. Even if he does stink a little.

Happy Birthday, babes.
This lady loves you.


Dusty Brown said...

This is a hilarious blog entry! Did you really meet Aaron when you first went to college at 18? I never realized that. How cool.

emily the mom said...

yes, its the truth. I actually saw him and our shared best friend on stage during orientation and vowed I had to meet them. the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

This is great blog.

Happy Birthday Aaron...perhaps I'll bring you a milkshake. that joke never gets old.

P.S. husband feels the same way you do...he rolls over and I'm the one who stinks. Showerless Jen.

LeisaHammett said...

Hey, Em. This made me lol. I'm not a lol'er usually. Fresh writing.