Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Terror by the Dinner Table

I like Halloween.

I like the bats and the fangs.

The black cats.

The skeletons.

And oh yeah, the costumes.

Pumpkins, you're ok too, but do you have to be so grody on the inside?

Yes, we're getting geared up in this house for All Hallow's Eve.

The decorations are up...

the costumes have been purchased [and the poses mastered]...

the treats are being discussed, and the pumpkin patch is being visited [tomorrow. with 100 other kids. and I'm chaperoning. talk about terrifying].

Oh how I love to get my kids all jazzed about Halloween. After all, you just can't knock a holiday where you get to wear a ridiculous outfit and be rewarded for it with sugar. Loads and loads of sugar.

However. I am starting to scare myself [appropriate I guess, considering the spirit of the season and all] because last night, I extended our celebration right into our diet.

No, we didn't eat candy corn ala mode or candy apple souffle. Worse.

We had this:

Mummies in a Blanket!!!!!

Horrific, isn't it? Next thing you know I'm going to start wearing embroidered jack o' lantern sweat sets and light-up ghost earrings.

I'm scared for myself I really am.

So if you see me in the next few weeks and I say something ridiculous like " Ghoul morning, my pretty!" or "You look BOOtiful, daahhhling!", please, do me a favor and put me out of my spooky misery, commit me to holiday rehab before I spend all my money on a over-sized, hand-woven cornucopia...

As soon as my cauldron fizzles out, I'll thank you for it.

Maybe [she types, while cackling uncomfortably....].

Yeah. I definitely need some help.


babybloomr said...

This officially kicks you into Fun Mom territory! I bet your boys love it. I say, knock yourself out, but please, for the love of all things holy, DON'T BUY A CHRISTMAS SWEATER!!!!!

jfarls said...

I am so bringing my "holiday fun activities" clippings with me today. It is folder full of fun treats and crafts to do for various holidays that my mother-in-law clipped for me from years and years of Women's World! LOL! I think she has been saving them for me since I married her son.

emily the mom said...


Fordeau said...

i want that sweat set!!! i do! i do!! and a light up orange cardigan!!!

yes yes!!!

(and i wonder why there were rumors about my sexuality in high school?!?!)

meg said...

i think my mom has a halloween sweater if you want it...and her earrings don't glow in the dark...they are like witches flying through your earlobe.

we are having a huge garage sale, so, really i could just grab those items out for you before the crowd snatches them up.

and don't think for a second that i won't be joining you in "holiday-mommy-dress" when PJ arrives. we already know what she is going to be for her first halloween.

top that, lil' miss cool ghoul

Jenkensing said...

I love the Mummies in the Blanket!!!! So cute!!!

yo mama said...

I think a pair of light-up ghost earrings are exactly what you need.

Yay Halloween!