Friday, October 17, 2008

F.A.V. Indecision

I'm currently on my way to the pumpkin patch with 100 5 year olds, so afternoon is coming early today....

I usually decide early on in the week what video I want to post. And then I sit on it for a few days. Trying to craft a perfectly imperfect description or story for accompaniment.

I act like I'm all smart or deep about it, but this actually means that I over-think my choice quite a bit, and often subject my choices to some lame drawn out form of analyzing that I made up all by myself just to make things difficult. Because I like difficult. Difficult is good. No pain, no gain, my brethren.

That said, this time around was no different. I'd firmly set my sights on the following video. After receiving a random email earlier in the week I'd made up my mind up that we should just change our national anthem to this song:

Frankly, I think everyone should be required by the law to like The Talking Heads.

But then the mail-lady drove by one afternoon, late as usual, and dropped a long-awaited MGMT album on my doorstep, and well, this house has kind of [oh whatever, more like TOTALLY] been grooving ever since.

I can't post the original video I wanted, because THE MAN [or the band] just won't let me, but you MUST go check it out here, NOW. Whether you like it or not, its worth watching for the cameo made by the animal band from Showbiz Pizza somewhere around 1:33.

Instead I'm posting this version, because I'm in the audience in this one. Over there by that white tent on the left. You can't see me, but I'm fairly certain you can see a microscopic glint from my sunglasses when I turned to ask Aaron "What is this?" Yes, it's true. I really am cool like that. I never know what's really going on.

Lastly, I'm going completely overboard and posting MGMT covering Talking Heads. Now that's what I call FULL CIRCLE people.

Trifecta complete.

Alright. I'm done now.


You're it.

How much thought do you put into YOUR choice?


jenkensing said...

That is hilarious..."WHAT IS THIS?" hahahahahahah

P.S. I absolutley love that song, it takes me back to highschool when I first heard it. Everyone in my class thought it was a local radio station's joke of a song..but turns out it was classic.

I love the video..I've never seen it before! Now I'm inspired to add dance moves to my zoo performances.

emily the mom said...

Those are definitely your kinda moves Jen....

Bona Fide Mama said...

Talking Heads = ear orgasm

Here's my contribution today:

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I had the song "People Like Us" stuck in my head for several days.