Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maybe My Grossest Blog Yet...

**you have been warned: this blog contains pictures of real live fake rodents and one real dead one**

You may have heard me mention before the surplus of artificial life forms we have laying around our house.

I'm talking fake spiders, rats, snakes, centipedes, name it, we probably having a plastic replica of it.

More often than not one of these little dummies has scared the poo out of me when I wasn't expecting it.

Like our mouse friend here, who startled me while I was on a lego-excavating mission in the playroom:

Or this spider who I was sure was on the attack:

Or how about this terrifying piglet who jumped out at me while I was on dustbuster duty:

And with it being Halloween and all, the likelihood of these happenings has greatly increased, what with all the extra spiders and mice showing up for the celebration:

So yesterday, while I was taking out the trash, I wasn't surprised at all to find another little rodent friend hanging out on the driveway. I figured he'd been joy-riding with the boys on their big wheels the afternoon before and must have gotten left behind when it was time to go inside.

Then I leaned over to pick him up, and that's when I began to second-guess my better judgement.

It was a mole.

And, um, he wasn't Made in China.

You just can't get more festive than that.

1 comment:

Angel said...

I seriously have the HEEBIE JEEBIES!

Is it dead?! *shudder* I have the same thing happen to me often since SOMEONE bought my son a gun that shoots flies. I'm always seeing them and thinking, "What the heck? Is that a bug?" and then I lean in for a closer look to see that it's just one of those darn flies you, I mean SOMEONE ELSE, bought him. :)

One day it's going to be a real bug and I'm going to freak out when it moves or something... I just know it.