Friday, October 10, 2008

F.A.V. The ROCK Test

My children have become increasingly particular about their 'Rock n' Roll' lately. Meaning, if a song doesn't match their current rock criteria, it's quickly dismissed from the Rock n' Roll category. Their standards are quite high, and frankly, a little bit sexist [as in nothing sung by a woman counts. Trust me, we're working on this one. Joan Jett anyone?].

Only a handful of bands have managed to make it on their Ultimate Rock List: Metallica [of course], AC/DC [no question], Rush [I still don't get this one], Nirvana [approved], and as of yesterday Foghat [can you say classic rock radio overload maybe?].

Which brings me to this little tale...

This past Monday we were visiting my family in Ohio. The boys have a ritual with my dad where they watch the rocket launch sequence from the Apollo 13 movie about a hundred times over before heading to bed. This time around, after watching the re-entry sequence in addition just for kicks, my dad decided to throw on a little Allman Brothers Band, too.

I don't know what kind of reaction he was going for, if any, and I didn't really think much about it. It certainly wasn't out of character or anything, my dad is a music man, music was always on when I was growing up, and still is, much to the chagrin of my mother.

And then it happened.

Hayden stood up, his southern-born blood not moved at all by the greatest southern rock band of all time, and confidently said " This is NOT rock n' roll. "

Houston, we have a problem! Did he really just dismiss one of the greatest guitar players of the 70's? My mom, my sisters and I fell on the floor laughing. My husband, who has never been an Allman Brothers fan, and who was not there, would have been so proud. My dad on the other hand was determined to change their minds.

He didn't lecture, or even try to explain. Instead he made them watch Billy Preston do a mind-blowing organ-solo on Eric Clapton's "Have You Ever Loved a Woman". Yes, that's right. He made two five-year olds sit through the slowest song-build-up ever recorded on DVD. Lucky for my dad, 2 instrument solos and a smattering of lyrics later, the song managed to just barely pass their rigorous rock test.

Mission accomplished.

It was a classic moment, to say the least, one for the baby books, no doubt.

So today's video goes out to my boys and to my dad. I think I managed to find one that they both would approve of...

And you? What's on your list this Friday?


i'm the mama said...

That made my day!

jfarls said...

Nice Em!!! I love that your kids are the deciding factor between "rock" and "not rock." I need to introduce Jonathan to more rock, because if I have to hear the Teletubbies CD one more time in my car....I kid. I know how much he likes it, so how can I deny that? But seriously, my kid needs a lesson in rock. Your kids could teach. HA!

Here is my video today. I have many reasons for this one today...some I can't get into. However, I thought this was very appropriate with our upcoming election and the state of the economy and what not. So here ya go. I hope the boys consider this rock.

hartley said...

i still hate the allman brothers.

Dusty Brown: said...

That is incredibly cool!!

Dusty Brown: said...

I like the Allman Bros, ok, but Phillip and I both agree that the worst concert hell ever was an Allman Brothers show at Starwood.

meg said...

unbelievable...i am thinking 'pj' will be introduced early to all genres. i will let her pick.

as long as it is something her mother approves of, of course.

and as long as it does require her to wear clown makeup, a dog collar and baggy pants.

emily the mom said...

I'm the mama! so glad your here - and um, how did you get such an awesome looking page?

jen - excellent choice, my dear. Van Halen, definitely passes the test in this house.

hartley - yes. this i know.

dusty - I agree that that must of been concert hell. I think if you didn't see the allmans in the 70s then you're not really seeing them in concert. infact, half the reason i put that Thomas video up was that i refused to post any recent allman footage, because it just doesn't count as the real thing.

and meg- hilarious....and with you has her mom, we need not worry about her musical tastes! they will be awesome.