Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh Yes We Did.

If you must know, I must tell you.

My family's gotten bigger. Like, way bigger, ya'll.

As of last Sunday?

We added two more to our burgeoning brood.Two more of the FOUR legged variety.

Because you know, why potty train one dog when you can just train two? Why get nibbled to death by just one puppy when it could be so much more blissfully painful with two? Why settle for just one pile of poop when you could have 12? Or more! Why worry about an overload of human toys when you could just increase the fun by throwing in a whole gaggle of dog toys? Why get one tiny dog when you can get two [soon-to-be] giant labradors? And heck. why live with 3 males when you can live with 5?

Seriously people. there's a sort of theme showing up in my life. Something to the effect of "Why take the easy road, when you're on the most difficult one already?" I don't know simple. I've never met uncomplicated. And I missed my chance to shake hands with convenient a long time ago.

So if you haven't heard from me, please. accept my sincere apologies. I've been a bit busy. You know. Trying to save my shirts, pants, shoes and ponytail [yes the hair on my head] from an early death by nibbilation.

So, with out further ado, introduce yourself to the newest Hartleys, Boss & King.

I'm sure you'll NEVER guess how we came up with those names...


Andi said...

Will our Friday Music Video be "You Ain't Nothing Like a Houndog" ???

Boss and King DO look like they like each other...that's good!

God help you and watch over you ALL! Everybody takes a village you know! :)
Lots of Love, Andi

Randy said...

Yeah...but which is which?

Sorry, I couldn't resist,

meg said...


maybe i should have just gone with a dog...

there is no pregnancy involved, and eventually they just eat table scraps...right?

love the names. love love love. what's next a cat named jersey?