Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comcast, You've Been Dumped.

Well sorta. I did keep the internet. Because its so, you know, useful.

I downgraded our cable today [ or yesterday for that matter, by the time I got this posted]. That sounds so pretty doesn't it? Downgrading! It was totally romantic.

I'm weirdly excited about it, actually. Just think of the possibilities without Johnny Test and Ben Tennyson to slow me down? Seriously. I'm ok with it. As long as I don't focus too long on how much I'm gonna miss Mike Rowe.

Apparently, the downsize was perfect timing. On the way to school this morning Cash said to me "Mom, it's not fun when we come home from school."

What? It's not fun? No mom wants to hear she's no fun! I'll admit, at first I took this statement to heart. I was pretty sure he was referring to last week, where let's just say, I was not really myself. Between the new four-legged arrivals at our house, all their poop, the impending holiday, the cards that went with the impending holiday, and the fact that I worked out of the house everyday for the first time in 5 years, things got a little....out of place. I wouldn't say our routine got totally turned upside down, but it was definitely lying on its side. And acting totally unresponsive.

I asked him again about his statement. "You mean, I'm no fun?"

"No! I mean we don't do anything fun - we don't have time to before we have to go to bed" he repeated.

"Well it could be because we always end up watching TV when we get home, right? Maybe we could be doing something else? What kinds of things do you want to do?"

"I don't know. Some special thing."

Ok. Great. A special thing. Thanks for the clarification.That could be anything. An un-birthday party? A field trip to a volcano? Where to start? Where to go? What to do?

So as we leave behind Spongebob, Chowder, The Tennysons and The Movers, and start on our journey of time creatively spent, wish us a little luck, and uh, a lot of DVDs.

Hello, Netflix? It's Me, Emily.....


Melody said...

Congrats on your new arrivals!!! Welcome to the new DoggyMommy, but must we do everything by two's? Aw, who am I kiddin. Double the fun!! Yes I hear you..I'm here in Cincy and your there..I have no clue.
As for the cable..brave move. Take Jim's Speed,Dirty Jobs,Cities of the Underworld, TVLand, et al away?!?! I couldn't handle the withdrawl symptoms. It's worth the $$$ not a pretty site to see a grown man cry.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to remind you to check with Uncle Mark..He has a corner on DVD's ya know. :)

Randy said...


Good for you. We do exactly the same thing. However we also find that there are *more* than enough regular TV shows to keep the DVR busy recording. So you may still have to work at keeping the TV hours down.

Good luck at finding cool and exciting activities for the boys.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily. We too will be cutting corners when we move- which means losing our DVR and Satelite. :( But, this blog has inspired me to make it possible..and I should probably focus on having more TV-FRee fun anyways! LOL We have netflix by the way...Love it. So, that may be our saving glory.

Tough Mama said...

It'll be tough at first, but you can do it! Playing and reading are also "special." Warm weather right around the corner will ensure tired boys by the end of the night. Or you could always slip them some whiskey right before bed. Just kidding!