Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bringing the Fat in Fat Tuesday. Really.

You know what I did today? Practically spent the whole day at IHOP.

Because hello! It's also National Pancake Day.

A normal person probably would have gone once. Or maybe just gotten some pancakes to go.

But me?

I went twice. Once for brunch and once for supper. Once with out kids, once with. Once with hashbrowns, once with fake granola.

I managed to scarf down at least 6 pancakes, 4 glasses of water with 2 lemons, a side of hashbrowns and a few crumbs they were trying to pass off as granola. Because when Cash hears that it's Pancake Day, he orders granola & yogurt.

And as if that weren't enough sugar to make your teeth just roll right out of your mouth.....we went home and made a king cake.

I think we've got our bases covered as far as holidays that fall on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 go. Just call us festive.

And if I were you I'd make sure i hung around Hayden for the rest of the year. He's gonna have some good luck. Hope that means he remembers to save enough quarters to buy the King Cake next year.

By the way, I'm going all out for lent this year. I might even blog it. What am I giving up? You're just gonna have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that!

Vincent said...

Boy that wonderful story reminded me of what my wife, son, and niece did a couple months ago when Chik-fil-a had a free combo give away if you were dressed like a cow. Not only did my little heiffers cash in on this promotion, they grazed over a 20 mile radius. Yes, they hit four different locations within a span of several hours. Like pirates they brought home their booty in the form of 12 combos. That would be 12 chicken sandwiches, 12 waffles fries and 12 drinks - a value of about $65.

Oh and if I can rub some salt in this wound, she also had a Starbucks card that offered free iced coffee. So as they left with their chicken sandwiches, there was obviously a Starbucks nearby. She pulled into the drive thru, got her coffee, then conveniently parked her vehicle, handed the card to her niece and walked in to claim another iced coffee. You know they needed their caffeine fix in order to hit up more Chik-fil-a restaurants with zest and fervor.

My wife likes to play the system to her advantage!

meg said...

i would just like to say that both greg and i were a little upset that addie wasnt born on national pancake day...

it should be celebrated with a little more gusto - i think...

i ate a paper thin nasty hospital pancake however - just to mark the occasion.

we then thought about wrapping her in beads - naked for her hospital shot...but thought it might seem a bit tacky.

oh well, can't wait for you to meet her...