Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Afternoon Videos

Remember Friday Night Videos? Do you remember staying up late on Friday nights to try and catch the latest, coolest music videos?

Well I remember it. And I'm bringing it back. Except, uh, in the afternoon.

Because I miss videos. I miss staying up all night waiting for my favorite video to come on. I miss hovering over the record button on my VCR trying to get the best ones on tape. I miss shows like Headbangers Ball and 120 minutes.

I'd like to think I could keep this up, making it an every Friday kind of thing, yes? So consider this my first installment.
I think you should join in too, so feel free to link to your fave video in my comments or steal my little badge and do it on your own blog.

I'm gonna kick this thing off with a true classic. A standard in my house. I'm sure you won't be surprised when you see it.

I'll admit, I tried to pick something else, something more obscure, more hip maybe? But I just kept coming back to this one.
Because let's face it, they just don't make 'em like this anymore. What ever happened to the classic worn-out-sweaty-band on world tour documentary-esque video? Where'd all that hairspray go? More importantly, whatever happened to those sequined dusters?

Yep. You're making fun of me on the surface [probably because you know I still pay to see this band in concert], but you know you were singing along. You know you got a little giggly when Jon came on screen.

Now it's your turn....what's your Friday Afternoon Video?


Mandy said...

of course i love this idea and so i'm stealing. check my blog for my friday afternoon video!

emily the mom said...

I knew I could count on you! Hopefully I can get all fancy with it so we can link it in my blog when people add it to their the meantime I'm heading over to visit you right now!

Mandy said...

for future reference, here goes:

jfarls said...

I DID get giddy when I watched this! hehe!! Back in the day, I tried to imitate a video that was on the good ol' days of the freeze frame. Well, I didn't freeze and ended up kneeing my eye during an awesome jump. My mom was not amused with my black eye. haha!

If I had a blog, my video would be "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" with special guest Captain Lou Albano :)

calamari said...

The Cars "You Might Think".

Rebecca said...

Best. Idea. Ever.

"Dark in the city/night is a wire/
Steam in the subway/ earth is a fire/
Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do ..."