Friday, September 26, 2008

F.A.V. The College Rock Edition

Another Friday already?

Then it MUST be time for another instillation of friday afternoon videos.

Today's choices are important. Integral. Sentimental. Instrumental.

And there's even a talking dolphin.

I'm pretty sure I have these guys to thank for my marriage, because had The Uplift Mofo Party Plan not been in my record collection in college, my future husband might have just took one look at all my Dave Matthews Band and Eric Clapton records and high-tailed it in the other direction.

And had he done that, well not only would I probably still be wearing birkenstocks clogs,over-sized courdory pants and an extra-large Eat A Peach shirt, but he would have taken my future best friend with him. And without the two of them - I would have never discovered music like this:

or this:

[too much David Cross...or too little?]

So in honor of my Aarons-Squared, I give you this:

And now I pass the torch on to you....what's your Friday Afternoon Video today?


Mandy said...

jfarls said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Em!

Per my status update of laughing at the comedy of my "anti-sleeping" last night.

But I also love this song because when I was in college, there was this awesome band called Red Wanting Blue (RWB) that would ROCK the Ohio University campus. They would cover this song. I went and saw their show once and passed out in a windowsill (classy, I know). Fast forward X amount of years later, RWB is still rocking it, and are currently represented by Michael J. Media. We've actually rep-ed them for a number of years now...and the lead singer called, and I got all giddy on him over the phone. He wasn't so amused. But I truly feel it was a full circle moment. So this song also reminds me of RWB.


Mandy said...

I don't know these last videos but I'm laughing at David and Janeane. What a hot couple they make!

emily the mom said...

oh farls, we make a great team.

and mandy, I didn't even mean to choose two whole videos with david cross in them, but how could you not?

and here's what they are:
2. Superchunk, "Watery Hands"
3. Yo La Tengo, "sugarcube"
4. Archers of Loaf, "Harnessed in Slums"

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The first time I ever layed eyes on...

My friends made fun of me for listening to "country music."